LIIS RAUDSEPP is the CEO and founder of Rahn Walbridge, a passive income generating property investments advisory company based in Singapore with responsibility for the business globally.

Ms. Raudsepp enjoys a strong real estate background having worked in the industry in Europe, US and Asia for 10 years, including on management positions. Ms. Raudsepp is a certified real estate broker in the European Union. Ms. Raudsepp holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Estonian Business School, Estonia. She has completed executive education at the Nagoya University of Commerce and Business, Japan (NUCB) and Beijing Technology and Business University, China (BTBU). Ms. Raudsepp is a citizen of Estonia. With its bases in Singapore and Florida United States, Rahn Walbridge Passive Income Generating Real Estate Investments Advisory company focuses on investing in a wide variety of residential real estate assets. The company’s product is to offer a one-stop-solution for mostly high net worth individuals catering to all of their real estate investment needs. The company acquires, renovates, rents, manages and sells the assets in behalf of the clients guaranteeing their investors a monthly rental return. The company employees or subcontracts a team of industry experts in every investment destination country.

Rahn Walbridge is currently managing asset portfolios for their clients in the US, Caribbean, North Europe, Mediterranean, South East Asia and Japan. CEO of the company, Ms. Raudsepp is currently managing 5 million euros worth of private investors assets.